————ABOUT RANDOMLOAD------------------
Randomload.com was created on September 4th, 2017. Our idea is to provide kids at Indian Hills Middle School and Alta High School (and everywhere else) with good stuff. Our site contains random videos, website links, Unblocked Games, pictures, School Assignments (Digital Literacy at IHMS), and much more. Starting 8/22/18, the site was moved to Alta High in Sandy for the same reasons! Have an idea? email us at suggestions@randomload.com.

———— ABOUT THE OWNER ---------------------
The site was made by Eli Glende. There is not much information on the internet concerning Eli, but you can find his YouTube resource channel at goo.gl/nok7zV. He is 13 years old right now, and thinking about his birthday as he types this. Look him up and find some of his computer generated images and found photos. There are only two public pictures of him on the internet. You can contact him at eli@randomload.com.

Friends of Randomload are people who promote us and have some kind of public media featuring us. They are frequent users of our website. The biggest notifier here is that they personally know an owner of Randomload. The only current Friend is Tyson Lutz. He has a YouTube channel, TheRedKnight. Of course, we are subscribed three or four times.

 ————RANDOMLOAD VIP-----------------------
When you become a VIP, you receive a Randomload.com email address that sends and receives mail in your current Gmail inbox. Unfortunately, this currently only supports Gmail, so anybody with an email inbox other than Gmail will have to pay a fee of $5.00 for VIP+, or loose the ability to send mail. Not paying the fee will not remove the ability to receive mail. As a VIP, you also get a Randomload site. To become one, you can see this page.

Toxicload is the program I have come up with to give people Randomload sites (managed by me) to other people without making them a VIP member. Currently, the only way to get a Toxicload site is to talk directly to me about it. The program is named for Toxicma2, the first user of it. His site is a leaderboard for an Everybody Edits world about luck, and can be found at toxicma.randomload.com.