Here is a website with great help if you want to hack LanSchool: wikihow.com/Hack-Lanschool. You can get an application on a Windows PC called LanSchooled that partly blocks LanSchool. On a Mac PC, you can get a few things that not only disable LanSchool, they take it over entirely. You can then take full power over your fellow student's computers. To disable without downloads, you can remove the Ethernet cable. Although this removes the access to the Internet on most school computers, it is the most fool-proof way to block LanSchool. On PCs at IHMS and Alta, it often will not work because the computer can sense when the cable has been removed and it will block your screen with the message "Ethernet Tampering Detected! Please wait 10,9,8 seconds". This prevents students from disabling LanSchool through Ethernet removal. Of course, there are other ways.


Step 1-- Press ctrl-shift-I while on Membean

Step 2-- Open the HTML Head tag (press the arrow next to <head>)

Step 3-- Find the lines including <link href="..." type="text/css"> and right click on them. Click "Delete Element". Repeat until Step 4 is satisfied.

Step 4-- There is now a Pass button at the bottom left of the screen. Click it to skip the question and mark it correct. You can also find a built in dictionary. Make sure you don't press the pass button too quickly and press the fail button every so often so the teacher doesn't get suspicious!
Lightspeed Systems

There are many ways to bypass Lightspeed Systems. You can use unblocker websites like 
youhide.comdefilter.usanonymouse.org, or ninjacloak.comOr you can get Ultra Surf on the Chrome Web Store (get it here). For an advanced bypass, visit digiwonk.gadgethacks.com/how-to/bypass-school-internet-filters-unblock-websites-0166984 and scroll down to Method 4. Please be careful when using a free VPN like Ultrasurf, as these may take your information and sell it to sponsor their application. One prime example of this is Betternet, the "best free VPN". Betternet will take EVERYTHING you type in, even your passwords. The company will then use your information for their own gain. This is not safe at all, as you can probably tell. So it is totally possible to bypass Lightspeed, but probably not in safety of your information.